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So your a fan and you know everything there is to know about your favorite artist, don't you. THINK AGAIN! Our Artist Profiles are filled in by the Artist themselves, no middle man, no publicist, it's the real deal. So take a look and see how well you WILL get to know them! Online Radio

Get ready to HEAR the revolution LIVE On Air, with Yesterdays, Today's and Tomorrows BEST LGBTQ and Straight Artist. Top this with today's best LGBTQ DJ's giving you everything from Talk, News, Dance, Rock, Dance, Hit List and so many other shows. KWER.FM Radio WILL be THE MUSIC STATION for the LGBTQ Nation!

In Depth reporting from where the action is, and remote broadcast from events around the world, no longer will you WISH you could be there, with KWER.FM YOU WILL BE THERE!

Music Store

Tired of not finding your favorite artist music on the web? You remember THAT song right? Well look no further, they're all here on our online Music Store. Each with links to the artist profile page so you can see their most recent tweets or FB comments, get the latest scoop on upcoming releases and maybe score some free tunes.

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You ever wonder where you can go to hear and see your favorite artist? Well wonder no more, we will let ya know LIVE! With our event and Calander section you will be IN THE KNOW as WHERE TO GO! With instant hot spot updates and look ahead functionality, our artist and KWER.FM can let you know where to go for a great night of entertainment. And sign up now in our email list and the events come to you, thats right you can get the latest emails directly from the calendar and the artist right to your email!

Artist Showcase

Coming Soon

Soon we'll be featuring some of the artists that will be a part of

Keep an eye on this spot for more information coming soon!

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November 30

Ok all my fellow DJ's here is your chance, you asked for a place to play, a place with exposure, a place where you could be free to be...who you are. A place where you could have a Bio and sell your mixes, a place where you could show your fans where you are and what your doing, a place where your tweets, FB and Soundcloud or mixcloud or whatever cloud could be floated on and ALL in one place! Well my fellow DJ's WELCOME TO THE REVOLUTION! KWER.FM is ready for you to get listed! Like us here and leave a message with a link to your best mix to date. We will be selecting the OFFICIAL KWER.FM DJ's in January so hurry now and get our attention!

Doesn't matter if you male or female just matters that your LGBTQ or LGBTQ Friendly, other than that, you need to have a desire to want promotion, need to have listener boost and just want to join the LARGEST community of LGBTQ Music enthusiast from around the world! read more on the Facebook Page


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